Suffolk Young Poets Competition

All The Things

All The Things That Went Through My Mind When Megan Took My Photo In Art

Cheese. Marmite. Cheesy Marmite.
Why Katie likes cheesy marmite. Katie. Megan. Twins.
Mr Hanger. Should I go to Art club today?
Christmas (pros and cons).
The third twilight book.
The second twilight film new moon,
How it is annoying I can't go to see it on Friday.
Rhys needs a haircut.
Cameras, I wonder who invented them?
Whether my new phone has a good enough camera.
Who invented phones?
I like Ellie's new scarf, I might get one.
Who thought up Christmas?
What am I getting for Christmas?
Yesterday when Mum was hiding something,
Was it a Christmas present?
Peanut M&Ms. Peanut Butter Kit Kat. Yuk!
Why can't girls eat Yorkies?
Am I a chocaholic?!
Click. Finished, no more photos! Finally.


Megan Clark (13)
Leiston Middle School


Supported by East Anglian Daily Times