Ludbrooke: An Introduction

by Alan Brownjohn

Alan Brownjohn introduces Ludbrooke, his eponymous anti-hero. “I’ve found somebody fictitious to represent the disagreeable elements in my own character”, Alan explains. “He’s devious and up to all sorts of furtive ruses. In fact Ludbrooke has more than a little seedy panache!”

“The Ludbrooke poems are among Alan’s very best,” said Dennis O’Driscoll, “a brilliantly wry creation, lovably roguish, yet deeply vulnerable too.”

Enjoy Alan reading a ‘Ludbrooke’ poem on The Poetry Channel (on ‘The Poetry Prom Poets’)

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28 pages

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Matt Harvey, The Hole in the Sum of My Parts

The Hole in the Sum of My Parts

by Matt Harvey

Whimsical, perceptive, affectionate and above all funny, Matt Harvey’s poems and stories can be enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds and body-types.

This beautifully produced book with special illustrations by David Hughes is the perfect poetry present, gathering together the best of Matt’s poems for the first time.

Matt Harvey was Wimbledon Championships Poet in 2010.


You’re such a radiant gradient
A smooth one, not a hilly one
Your red-rimmed sign says you’re one in nine
But to me you’re one in a million

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80 pages

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